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IRENE BRINGS A DATE HOME (CS) - Airplanes & Throws

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IRENE BRINGS A DATE HOME (CS) - Airplanes & Throws

I Dream of Ms. Irene
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Irene brings her date home for some late night fun. Jasper Felix is intrigued by Irene's interesting requests. It's been forever since he's been flown like an airplane, what could go wrong? Irene flies Jasper around doing a few leg presses with him. She encourages him to even go hands free. But what better than flying like an airplane? Being tossed through the air! Irene switches into her TKD pants and does some light sparring with Jasper, throwing him to the ground several times.

Featured Models

Irene Silver

Jasper Felix


Lift and Carry

Mixed Wrestling

Tae Kwon Do


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